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How to Start a Bridal Shop

Owning and running a bridal shop can be a very enjoyable and rewarding business.  There are many thorough guides on how to start a bridal shop but the following key tips may help point you in the right direction.

Budget for How to Start a Bridal Shop:

Just as with any other business, when you start a bridal shop you must carefully budget for your likely expenses.  These will include:

  1. Legal fees for setting up a lease
  2. Possible landlord legal fees
  3. Redecoration and refurbishment of the shop space
  4. If change of planning permission is required then you might need an architect
  5. Till and credit card facilities
  6. Sign writing and shop facia
  7. Lighting and furniture
  8. Lease deposit
  9. Service charges
  10. Business rates
  11. Data protection registration
  12. Public and employer liability insurance
  13. Services
  14. And so on…

Choosing your Wedding Dress Stock

The biggest single expense to budget for (ignoring staff wages) will be your stock of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and any accessories to plan to offer.  Here is a key decision to make when you start a bridal shop.

You may choose to stock very exclusive and expensive wedding dresses but do consider the state of the economy at the moment; will there be enough demand?  Alternatively, you could stock high quality but affordable designer wedding dresses such as our own range from Michele Caldo and Papa Michel.  You may be thinking of stocking cheap wedding dresses sourced from China but beware, the quality and reliability of Chinese manufacturers can give many a headache.

Having a reliable and professional source of wedding dresses is crucial because remember when you plan how to start a bridal shop that if your supplier lets you down, you will be letting down your customer!

Additional Services

When you consider how to start a bridal shop then allow for additional means of generating revenue.  The selling of you wedding dresses will be the core of your income but offering custom sizing and alterations can be an important means to get additional margin and offer a convenient service for the customer.

Customer Services

Offering great customer service and being willing to go that extra mile for the customer when you plan how to start a bridal shop.  Your customers will be enjoying a very happy time of their life and will be great fun to deal with but they may also be nervous and want help and guidance.  You need to be prepared to help customers who are not quite sure what they want yet!


Planning how to start a bridal shop is great fun and, if you get these plans right then you will have an enjoyable and profitable business ahead of you.  But do plan carefully, have contingency funds available (because things usually work out more expensive than you think!) and be prepared to work hard.  The wedding dress market is highly competitive and quality of the products you sell and the quality of service you provide will determine whether you succeed.

Good luck and if you need advice on how to start bridal shop and get a great source of designer wedding dresses, then please do not hesitate to contact us!